Cimnet Of Ohio, Inc.


CIMNET's software package, DNC Professional™, provides the most robust NC solutions for the smallest job shops up to large, fully networked facilities. DNC Professional is a distributed numerical control (DNC) system for use in shops equipped with NC (numerical control) and/or CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools. It has been designed to run either on a standalone PC or on a LAN and can be installed quickly, with minimal disruption to your production.
Taking full advantage of the power and performance of a 32-bit multi-threaded environment, DNC Professional offers a complete DNC system through discrete modules designed to be easy to use. The proven efficiency of the graphical interface of this comprehensive software package gives you full DNC capabilities with minimal disruption to your current operations. Engineered to run on your existing PCs with or without a network, DNC Professional includes configurable security, open network capability, document management and more — features not usually found in other DNC systems — as well as a direct upgrade path to the fully integrated Factelligence™ for Shops Manufacturing Execution System. With their modules working in complete harmony, DNC Professional and Folders Lite can control one work center or your entire shop floor and put you on the path of paperless manufacturing.

DNC Professional is the industry's most sophisticated DNC solution. It provides:

DNC Professional is the industry's most sophisticated DNC solution. It provides:
  • Upload and Download of NC programs
  • Live machine feedback to operators
  • View, edit and compare programs
  • View Drawings and Instructions
  • Small to large networked installations

NEW Factelligence for Shops

Factelligence for Shop's scalability and modular design allows it to be deployed in a small machine shop or in a large multi-site manufacturing enterprise. Basic DNC Functions are part of the core of the Factelligence for Shops product, however numerous advanced features such as Machine Monitoring, Labor Tracking, Paperless Manufacturing and Production Tracking are available as an integral part of the product.


Folders Lite 

The Folders Lite option for DNC Professional further enhances DNC Professional with an electronic traveler system to give operators immediate access to part programs, drawings, notes, and multimedia.



CIMNET's DNC Professional "goes" Wireless

Save $ thousands in cabling costs by using Wireless to connect your CNC controls to your DNC Professional software.

Using this true Ethernet wireless solution you can move your CNC machines and reorganize manufacturing cells without re-running cables, or reconfiguring the DNC software. Eliminate wiring issues such as difficult access, electrical surges, cranes, etc.

A wireless Ethernet serial adapter is located at each CNC Machine and uses standard 802.11b wireless Ethernet to network each machine back to local Access Points. The Access Points then comminucate into DNC Professional. Communicate using Remote Request or CNC Direct.